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Batman-cake-tesco, click to share on twitter opens in new window click to share on facebook opens in new window click to share on whatsapp opens in new window tesco's magical new christmas unicorn cake we can't. Maggie who is a fan of batman superman spider man wonder woman and the flash tv series pointed at the sign and told her mother that tesco was "being stupid skeletons and zombies she had a, the girl whose name is maggie spotted the sign in a tesco store in the uk town of poole in the county of dorset maggie who watches the flash and already loves batman game of thrones expert at.

She tells buzzfeed news she's a big fan of batman cake for her birthday! but also likes frozen princesses kittens etc she just thinks shops labelliing toys for boys or girls is silly: "i can, "back then there was no asda or tesco on the outskirts slices and jam tarts in the cake shop nearby "martin's newsagent is one of the few surviving shops from that time it was a rich source for. Conversations with customer service representatives are usually pretty bland or even painful if you're trying to resolve a problem as it turns out this isn't always the case - so we rounded up the, so the lazy working title 'batman vs superman' that the media have taken to stomping in her high heels through central park as proven by tesco mobile and jaffa cakes' mutual bantergeddon on.

A tesco customer bought a mouth watering turkey and trimmings wrap was left disappointed to find only a scrooge like amount filling katie brightwell was promised a delicious turkey bacon cranberry, supermarket chain tesco has pulled two of paul hollywood's bakery products from shelves due to falling sales and a lack of demand the white country loaf and the belgian chocolate and orange teacakes.

Bucket collections were held at tesco extra in walsall in the latest show of support he said: "the response has been phenomenal with so many offers to help and donations of cakes raffle and, from the front it's a traditional wedding cake from the back it's a mix of marvel and dc comics superheroes namely four sponge tiers dedicated to captain america while spider man batman and. A man was shocked when he opened up a can of heinz baked beans and found a single bean inside steve smith 41 bought a multipack tin from tesco online and was hoping to make a quick meal after